Amazono Daisuke first appears at the end of Chapter 1 as one of the participants of the Nightmare Game. He is given Number 2 out of the 10 participants of the game.


Amazono Daisuke is tall with a slim figure. He is usually seen with an almost nonchalant expression. He has blue eyes and light blue hair. He wears a navy blue t-shirt, pants, and a wristband. In Chapter 15, it is revealed that his wrists have numerous cuts on them.

Nightmare Game Edit

Mental Prison

He is given the armband with the number 2. He is the 2nd to roll the dice and first receives the number 4, Taste, and was gagged. He later appears when Ishimakura Takuo takes the food that is meant for all of the participants and watches as he is verbally assaulted by some of the other participants. This eventually led to Ishimakura's death.