Ishimakura Takuo


He appears at the end of Chapter 1 as one of the participants in the Nightmare Game

Nightmare GameEdit

Mental Prison

He is assigned the number 3 as that is the number on his wristband and rolls a 3 on the dice game, depriving him of his sense of smell. He agrees with Fukurokouji Meguru to cooperate but it turns out to be a facade and he takes all the food that is meant for all the participants. Aiyori Aoshi intercepts him before he can leave with the food and is found to be blocked by Shirakogawa Romero and the other participants so that he cannot escape. Aiyori tries pushing Takuo to his limit with verbal violence, with some of the participants also copying him. Takuo is revealed to be bullied since he was young and his heartrate and amount of sweat increased, resulting in him reaching the emotional unstability limit. As he was dying, he grabbed Fukurokouji Meguru and asks him to please help him, before dying. He is the first participant to die in the Nightmare Game.